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micro to Macro

Part 1:
8 oz Duckweed
8 oz Spirogyra
12 Elodea

Part 2:
Amoeba Proteus
Euglena Gracilis
Green Hydra

Item DescriptionPrice
IN2.100Green Hydra, class of 100$29.87
IN14.100Daphnia, class of 100$21.63
AG11.100Volvox, class of 100$18.54
PT3.100Euglena Gracilis: Class of 100$18.54
PT1.100Amoeba Proteus: Class of 100$18.54
FS1712 Elodea$5.40
FS468 oz Algae$18.84
FS458 oz Duckweed$12.66
PT8.100Paramecium, class of 100$18.54