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 Live Order's require a notice of 2 weeks in advance of requested shipping date


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Living Materials



Live Material & Live Material Fax Cards

For a Replacement you must report dead or missing materials within 24 hours of receiving your order.






 Live material Fax cards are valid for 1 year from time of purchase.


Live Materials Fax Card includes prepaid shipping.  Organisms may also be purchased separately, but shipping charges are not included.  Please keep in mind when ordering live material:


     Please set up delivery dates to fall on Wednesdays or Thursdays.


     Please give order notice 2 weeks in advance of request date.


     Live delivery is guaranteed.


●     Please call within 24 hours of receipt if you need a replacement.


●     Please don’t release organisms into your local environment.






2nd day Air charges will apply to all Live orders shipping




outside of




WA and OR.


Please note:  If you would like to order additional non-living items, we suggest you place a separate order and select ground shipping.




Sorry, due to USDA restrictions, we can only ship Land Snails within the state of Washington.


Crayfish cannot be shipped outside of the Pacific Northwest.


Due to current laws crayfish are available for a shorter period of time.  Please plan ahead. 


 NW Signal Crayfish ONLY


 Sept 1 - Oct 26

 And again: 

April 13th  ~ May 30