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Item DescriptionPrice
SL1-1.5Tri-Clamp, 1.5 inch$6.95
SL1-2Tri-Clamp, 2 inch$8.95
SL1-3Tri-Clamp, 3 inch$10.95
Item DescriptionPrice
SL13-2Stainless Steel Riser, 2 in. x 12 in.$44.95
SL13-3Stainless Steel Riser, 3 in. x 12 in.$64.95
Item DescriptionPrice
SL2-1.5Silicon Gasket, 1.5 inch$0.95
SL2-2Silicon Gasket, 2 inch$1.50
SL2-3Silicon Gasket, 3 inch$2.25
SL13Lid Gasket for 20l Essential Oil Boiler$21.95
SL14Lid Gasket for 50l Essential Oil Boiler$29.95