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Part 1:
4 Goldfish
8 Guppies

Part 2:
12 Land Snails
12 Pond Snails

Part 3:
30 Red Worms
12 Night Crawlers

Part 4:
25 Pill Bugs
25  Sow Bugs

Item DescriptionPrice
FS925 Sow Bugs$8.28
FS825 Pill Bugs$8.28
FS712 Night Crawlers$6.48
FS630 Red Worms$5.71
FS512 Pond Snails$8.86
FS412 Land Snails (washington state only) Helix Aspersa$12.24
FS38 Guppies$6.79
FS24 Goldfish$4.37