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  Spyrogyra, 400x


Item DescriptionPrice
AG1.25Anabaena, class of 25$7.20
AG1.100Anabaena, class of 100$18.55
AG2.25Gloeocaspsa, class of 25$7.20
AG2.100Gloeocaspsa, class of 100$18.55
AG3.25Nostoc, class of 25$7.20
AG3.100Nostoc, class of 100$18.55
AG4.25Oscillatoria, class of 25$7.20
AG4.100Oscillatoria, class of 100$18.55
AG5.25Chlamydomonas, class of 25$7.20
AG5.100Chlamydomonas, class of 100$18.55
AG6.25Chlorella, class of 25$7.20
AG6.100Chlorella, class of 100$18.00
AG7.25Mixed Desmids, class of 25$7.20
AG7.100Mixed Desmids, class of 100$18.00
AG8.25Protococcus, class of 25$7.20
AG8.100Protococcus, class of 100$18.00
AG9.25Spirogyra, class of 25$7.20
AG9.100Spirogyra, class of 100$18.55
AG10.25Ulothrix, class of 25$7.20
AG11.25Volvox, class of 25$7.20
AG11.100Volvox, class of 100$18.55
AG12.25Euglena, class of 25$7.20
AG12.100Euglena, class of 100$18.55
AGS1.25Elementary Algae Set class of 25: Spirogyra, Oscillatoria, Volvox$14.45
AGS1.100Elementary Algae Set, class of 100: Spirogyra, Oscillatoria, Volvox$41.20
AGS2.25Intermediate Algae Set, class of 25: Spirogyra, Oscillatoria, Volvox, Chlorella, Euglena$20.60
AGS2.100Intermediate Algae Set, class of 100: Spirogyra, Oscillatoria, Volvox, Chlorella, Euglena$60.77
AGS3.25Mixed Algae, class of 25: 5 different types of Algae$7.73
AGS3.100Mixed Algae, class of 100: 5 different types of Algae$20.60