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Item DescriptionCapacityQty/PkgPrice
PIP8Transfer Pipette, graduated tip;non-graduated: SALE5ml500 pk$14.49
PIP13Transfer Pipette, extra fine tip, non-graduated3.5ml500 pk$30.85
PIP7Disposable Pipette, 3ml, 500 pk:non-graduated3ml500 pk$15.40
Also available, reusable Glass Pipettes.
Item DescriptionTip StyleCapacityPrice
PIP9-5Glass Pipette, 5ml WTWide Tip5ml$7.05
PIP9-50Glass Pipette, 50ml WTWide Tip50ml$13.85
PIP9-25Glass Pipette, 25ml WTWide Tip25ml$10.76
PIP9-1Glass Pipette, 1ml WTWide Tip1ml$6.02
PIP9-10Glass Pipette, 10ml WTWide Tip10ml$7.77
PIP10-5Glass Pipette, 5ml DTDrawn Tip5ml$6.74
PIP10-50Glass Pipette, 50ml DTDrawn Tip50ml$13.74
PIP10-25Glass Pipette, 25ml DTDrawn Tip25ml$10.34
PIP10-1Glass Pipette, 1ml DTDrawn Tip1ml$5.45
PIP10-10Glass Pipette, 10ml DTDrawn Tip10ml$7.25
Item DescriptionCapacityGraduationsPrice
PIP11-100Mohr Pipette, 10ml10ml0.1ml$4.53
PIP11-50Mohr Pipette, 5ml5ml0.05ml$4.22
PIP11-20Mohr Pipette, 2ml2ml0.2ml$3.71
PIP11-10Mohr Pipette, 1ml1ml1ml$2.94
Item DescriptionCapacityPrice
PIP525ml Wheel Pipette25ml$15.40
PIP410ml Wheel Pipette10ml$15.40
PIP32ml Wheel Pipette2ml$15.40