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LabStock 3 Finger Flask Clamp Assembly:

For rock solid support of fragile laboratory glassware. The flask clamp adjust to 3 in. and is 10 in. long overall. The 3 finger clamps are enclosed in a non-slip plastic liner to protect your glassware. The support clamp fits standard laboratory stands up to 3/4 in. diameter and allows for precise placement of your glassware.

  • 3 finger clamp design for rock-solid support of laboratory glassware
  • Will support up to 3 inch diameter, overall length is 10 in.
  • Support clamp will fit standard laboratory rods up to 3/4 inch in diameter
  • Rubber coated jaws to protect fragile glassware



Item DescriptionPrice
LB71-FA/33-Finger Flask Clamp Set$12.95
Item DescriptionPrice
LB71-FFlask Extension Clamp$7.65
LB152-LCross Clip$5.34
LB71-FAFlask Clamp Assembly$11.88
Item DescriptionLengthPrice
LB71-1Single Burette Clamp6"$9.95
LB102Suspension Clamp6 1/2"$7.95
LB50Thermometer Clamp6 1/2"$11.00
Item DescriptionLengthPrice
LB104Hoffman Clamp2"$2.09
LB105Mohr Pinchcock Clamp2 1/2"$1.38