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Handling Guidelines

These pellets have been professionally heat-treated in our laboratory for your safety. As with all dissections, it is still recommended that students wear gloves when handling owl pellets and clean hands and work area when finished  with the dissection. On rare occasions students who are allergic to pets may have a reaction to owl pellets which do contain hair of the prey. It is a good idea to excuse  students who are allergic to pets from the dissection. Click here for Safety Supplies






Item DescriptionPrice
P2-100Bargain Bucket - 100 Small Pellets$94.95
P1A-50Bargain Bucket - 50 Extra Large Pellets$124.95
P1-50Bargain Bucket - 50 Regular Pellets$89.95

Item DescriptionPrice
P2Small Pellet: 1.0 - 1.5", SALE $.95 each$1.20
P1Regular Owl Pellet: 1.5 - 2 SALE $1.90 each$2.40
P1AExtra Large Pellet: 2 " +, can contain up to 6 prey$2.60
Item DescriptionPrice
P31DBarn Owl DVD: OUT OF STOCK$39.95
Item DescriptionPrice
P34Dual Power Hand Lens$0.80
P15Bamboo Probes, 15 pack$1.05
P16Plastic Forceps$0.55
P46Student Guide$4.15
Please Note: Pellet size in all kits is 1.5" or larger.
Item DescriptionPrice
P4510 Poster Set$27.95
P18Typical Raptors Poster$3.15
P17Teeth Poster$3.15
P13Hunting Adaptations Poster$3.15
P12Characteristics Poster$3.15
P11Bird Skeleton Poster$3.15
P10Vole Skeleton Poster$3.15
P9Shrew Skeleton Poster$3.15
P8Mole Skeleton Poster$3.15
P7Bone Sorting Poster$3.15
P6Food Web Poster$3.15