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What a journey it has been!  In 1990 our business was founded on field collecting biological specimens for schools, specifically, barn owl pellets. In the early days this was a rough-and-tumble business, with countless thousands of miles on the road visiting remote farms all over the Pacific NW in search of specimens to meet the growing demand for this hugely popular classroom activity, the dissection and study of owl pellets.

In a direct way, the prosperity of our business depends on a healthy eco-system, strong populations and good habitat for owls. In the last several years we have seen a great interest in attracting owls as a means of rodent control, especially in vineyards. We feel privileged to be in a unique position to support these efforts, firstly through our network of loyal field collectors, who we provide with owl nesting boxes to enhance habitat. As a company we have made the decision to sell these sturdy, no-frills boxes at the lowest possible price to the public in order to enhance owl habitat everywhere.